Global Coin Logistics

Founded in June, 2016, Global Coin Logistics (GCL) has since become a leader in wholesale banknotes. Here at GCL, we fulfill your bulk wholesale banknote needs while providing very competitive pricing.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive foreign exchange knowledge and skills to make every trade a successful one. We have experienced bank traders who monitor and manage the currency rates on a constant basis. We also have unique partnerships with vendors across the globe to source exotic and difficult to transport currencies.

From small shipments to large, GCL can source and move banknotes quickly and securely.

We manage transportation, processing, settlement, and most importantly compliance all in-house. GCL currently handles almost all currencies and most major coins.

As we expand into more markets, customer service, and real solutions has always be the foundation of our business. 

Global Coin Logistics is part of the GCL Global Group of Companies.

For any FX needs please contact us at: